Fulton Road Improvements

Streets & Roadways
About This Project

Project Name

Fulton Road Improvements


City of Santa Rosa, CA

Paving Contractor

Vanguard Construction

Paving Machine

Vogele Super 2100 – TP2

Mixing Plant

Twin Shaft – Batch

General Contractor

Ghilotti Bros, Inc.

Completion Date

September 2023

Project Details:

This project is an urban arterial road in the city of Santa Rosa, CA which serves Piner High School, a commercial shopping center, residential neighborhoods and a park. The scope of work included four travel lanes, a new median and Class II bicycle lanes.

Roller-compacted concrete (RCC) was chosen for this project due to a lower initial cost of about $1 million over asphalt, and a thinner overall pavement section which reduced impact to utilities.  In addition, the fast installation of RCC facilitate the ability to manage traffic and keep driveways open in an urban environment.

The road improvement included the reconstruction of four travel lanes, a two-way left turn lane and bike lanes. The City of Santa Rosa required the contractor have prior experience or hire a consultant to provide the expertise. Cemex was able to support the contractor with consulting expertise, mix design development, and installation guidance during the project. Due to the unique nature of RCC, the contractor was able to maintain access to all the driveways along the project during the entire project duration. The RCC placing process provides a stable mat, directly behind the paver, which allowed vehicles to cross over the new pavement to access driveways. In addition, the RCC mix design included a 50/50 blend of portland cement and slag which allowed for a 45% global warming potential reduction, as compared to a conventional concrete project recently completed nearby. Once the RCC pavement was complete, the surface was diamond ground to provide increased surface texture and a smoother ride. https://swcpa.org/the-city-of-santa-rosa-rolls-out-rcc/