Barbours Cut CY 4 & 5

Port & Intermodal
About This Project

Owner: Port Houston

Designer: Jacobs Engineering, Joseph Scarborough

Paving Contractor: A.G. Peltz Group, LLC

Paving Machine: ABG Titan and Vogele

Mixing Plant: Rapid Mix 600C Continuous Mixing Plant

General Contractor: McCarthy Building Companies

Completion Date: April 2023

Project Details:

A.G. Peltz was contracted by partner, McCarthy Building Companies, to place 50,996 CY of RCC pavement at the Barbours Cut Facility at Port Houston. Since Barbours Cut is a live terminal, placing RCC has several unique challenges. First, the project is split into two phases, with phase I encompassing CY4 and accounting for nearly 1/2 of the project volume. Second, there is limited space at Barbours Cut for a pugmill; consequently, the RCC mix had to be hauled into the Port through an active terminal, which required complex traffic control measures. Finally, the pavement was extremely flat with only a .3% slope which made creating positive drainage difficult. Accurate grade control was imperative and despite these challenges, AGP was still able to average close to 1000 cubic yards per day of 18″ dual lift pavement. Supply partners on this project included Ashgrove Cement, Cemex, GCP, and Martin Marietta.

Between the Bayport and Barbours Cut Terminals, Port Houston has over 400 acres of active RCC pavement at their facilities. Port Houston elects to use RCC for the speed of construction, durability, and cost competitiveness relative to other pavement systems.