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Pavement Design Portal

PavementDesigner is built on updated versions of ACPA’s StreetPave, AirPave, and WinPAS programs, as well as PCA’s PCAPave program.  The portal includes pavement design guidance, substructure sensitivity, and asphalt design evaluation capabilities. Need expert guidance or support designing your pavement solution?  Our promoter network is…

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Roller Compacted Concrete over Soil Cement

The objectives of the study were to determine the structural performance and load carrying capacity of thin RCC surfaced pavements under accelerated pavement testing (APT), and to determine the applicability of using a thin RCC pavement structure with cement treated or stabilized base as a design alternative for those low volume roadways having frequently heavy truck trafficking.
Source: Louisiana Transportation Research Center (LTRC)

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VDOT’s First RCC Pavement

This paper summarizes a RCC project completed by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) that covers about 134,000 square feet, equivalent to 2-lane miles, at the “Park and Ride” facility in Stafford County, Virginia. Learn more about VDOT’s First RCC Pavement.
Source: M. Shabbir Hossain, Ph.D., P.E., Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation & Research

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