I-285 GDOT

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About This Project

PROJECT: I-285 GDOT Atlanta, GA
OWNER: Georgia Department of Transportation
DESIGNER: Georgia Department of Transportation
GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Pitman Construction
PAVING MACHINE:  ABG Titan 8820 Placer / Finisher with VDTV-78 Duo-Tamp Screed
MIXING PLANT: ARAN ASR 280B Mobile Mixing Plant
PROJECT DETAILS: First use of RCC on an interstate roadway application in the United States.  This project won the 2006 National Partnership for Highway Quality Silver Award and SCAN Innovation Award. The project consisted of over 35 lane miles of shoulder replacement with 6” and 8” RCC.  With an ADT close to 200,000 per day, the strict lane closure requirements necessitated that the project be completed only on weekends.  The typical schedule started at 9:00 PM Friday night with the existing HMA shoulder removal and base placement.  RCC operations would start at 5:00 AM Saturday morning and run continuously through until late Sunday night (roughly 1.5-2 miles per weekend), providing the prime contractor enough time to get the roadway open by early Monday morning.

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