Crossgate Road

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About This Project

Owner: GDOT

Designer: GDOT

Paving Contractor: A.G. Peltz Group, LLC.

Paving Machine: Vogele Super 2100

Mixing Plant: ARAN 280C Mobil Mixing Plant

General Contractor: RB Baker

Completion Date: August 2016


Project Details:

In 2016, the Georgia Department of Transportation had the opportunity to rebuild a local street in need of structural capacity improvements, which proved to be a good candidate for RCC pavement. In July-August of 2016, A.G. Peltz Group, LLC placed RCC for GDOT on a section of Crossgate Road in Port Wentworth, GA. The roadway was GDOT’s inaugural project to utilize RCC as a final riding surface on a state travel lane.

A.G. Peltz has previously paved RCC for GDOT on interstate shoulders and turns lanes, dating back to 2006.

  • I-285 Shoulder Replacement
  • State Route 6 RCC Shoulders and Median Construction

The section of Crossgate Road was a two-lane HMA roadway with weight limit restrictions. According to GDOT personnel, by replacing the existing HMA with 10 inches of RCC it increased the structural capacity of the roadway, improving its use for heavy truck traffic and spurring new industrial development.

The project consisted of approximately 16,000 square yards of 10” RCC pavement. The RCC was placed in a single 10-inch lift utilizing a Vogele “Super” 2100 high-density paver and a Blaw Knox MC-30 material transfer device. The material was mixed using an ARAN 280C Mobile Mixing Plant. Since there are active businesses on the roadway, to ensure uninterrupted access, the RCC was placed in a single pass beginning in the middle of the project limits, which greatly helped with the traffic maintenance. In addition, the rapid strength gain of the RCC (4000 PSI within 2 days) allowed local traffic to get on the pavement within 48 hours. To meet the ride-ability requirement for this state project, the RCC was diamond ground for smoothness.

Recently visited by A.G. Peltz Group, City of Port Wentworth, GDOT, and industry personnel in April of 2023, this project, after 6+ years, is still performing well under live traffic, with minimal maintenance to date. Once again proving, RCC provides a durable concrete pavement with the ability to carry heavy traffic with minimal long-term maintenance expectations.