Pavement Design

Pavement Design Portal

PavementDesigner is built on updated versions of ACPA’s StreetPave, AirPave, and WinPAS programs, as well as PCA’s PCAPave program.  The portal includes pavement design guidance, substructure sensitivity, and asphalt design evaluation capabilities. Need expert guidance or support designing your pavement solution?  Our promoter network is…

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Thin RCC Results Under Accelerated Loading

A presentation from the Louisiana Transportation Center to characterize the fresh and hardened RCC properties as well as the load carrying capacity of the differing RCC sections of see thin RCC Results under accelerated loading tests. Source: Louisiana Transportation Center

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Transverse Joints RCC

Optimizing Transverse Joints Thesis

This thesis on optimizing transverse joints will aim to evaluate existing RCC pavements in service through the use of non-destruction deflective data to estimate the stresses due to a traffic load. Source: Jacob Eskel Hiller, University of Michigan

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