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RCC Specification

The officially adopted specification which the members of the RCC Pavement Council follow and recommend to be utilized to build high quality roller compacted concrete (RCC) Pavements—for RCC as an exposed RCC pavement surface, that may or may not be diamond ground for smoothness and/or…

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Roller Compacted Concrete over Soil Cement

The objectives of the study were to determine the structural performance and load carrying capacity of thin RCC surfaced pavements under accelerated pavement testing (APT), and to determine the applicability of using a thin RCC pavement structure with cement treated or stabilized base as a design alternative for those low volume roadways having frequently heavy truck trafficking.
Source: Louisiana Transportation Research Center (LTRC)

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Advance uses of RCC

RCC Pavement Advances

This paper summarizes a recent survey of uses of RCC, types of paving equipment and final surface since 2011 in the United States as well as provides a few case studies on local roads, hike and bike trails, and industrial projects. See more on RCC pavement advances here.
Source: C. Zollinger, Paving Solutions, CEMEX, Inc

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Guide to RCC Pavements

Roller-Compacted Concrete Pavement Guide

This Roller-Compacted Concrete pavement guide provides owner-agencies, contractors, materials suppliers, and others with a thorough introduction to and updated review of RCC and its many paving applications.
Source: National Concrete Pavement Technology Center at Iowa State University’s Institute for Transportation, with funding from the Portland Cement Association

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