Roller Compacted Concrete Port Pavement of Long Beach

Port & Intermodal
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Roller Compacted Concrete Port Pavement Application

PROJECT: Port of Long Beach Pier E Expansion Project
OWNER: Port of Long Beach Port Authority
DESIGNER: Moffatt & Nichol
PAVING CONTRACTOR: Interstate Highway Construction, Inc. (IHC)
PAVING MACHINE: Ingersoll Rand 8820 ABG High Density Screed Paver
MIXING PLANT: Rapidmix 400 Pugmill
GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Herzog/Reyes Joint Venture
PROJECT DETAILS: This Roller Compacted Concrete Port Pavement Project expanded the existing Wharf Facilities on Pier E to include 4,250 linear feet of new container wharf consisting of Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement over prepared base. IHC produced and placed over 44,000 SY of single lift 11” thick RCC, 85,000 SY of dual lift 13.5” thick RCC, and 22,000 SY of single lift 8” RCC on this project, which was constructed in 7 phases. The design prescribed saw cutting of the RCC at T/4 for control of relief cracks.

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