Port Houston – Bayport CY 1 North & CY 1 Middle

Port & Intermodal
About This Project


Port Houston


LAN (Lockwood, Andrews & Newman, Inc.)

Paving Contractor:

Rollcon, LLC.

Paving Machine:

Volvo 8820 & 9820

Mixing Plant:

Rapid 400 CV

General Contractor:

Satterfield & Pontikes

Completion Date:

October 2023

Project Details:

This project involved the development of a new 40-acre container yard for Port Houston. Within a span of less than 60 days, paving contractor, Rollcon successfully laid 170,000 square yards of Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC), achieving a compressive strength of 5,000 psi and averaging over 1,475 yards of RCC placed on average per day.

The choice of RCC for Port Houston is attributed to its rapid construction capabilities and its resilience, which meets the port’s demanding requirements for heavy traffic. RCC stands out as the most cost-effective method for the port to fulfill its expansion objectives. As a result, this project equips Port Houston with an additional 40 acres of container storage space, supporting the port’s ongoing growth.