King Packaged Materials Company

Distribution Center
Distribution Center, RCC Pavement
About This Project

CONTRACTOR: King Paving & Construction Company
SUPPLIER: Lafarge Canada
PRODUCT: Roller Compacted Concrete -PAVAMAXTM
QUANTITY: 10,800 m2 at 200 mm thick

PROJECT DETAILS: King Packaged Materials Company produces professional grade, easy to use products, for Do-It-Yourself and  contractor-based home improvement projects, as merchandised in Canada’s leading home improvement retailers. King Packaged materials Company is also a leading provider of shotcrete, concrete, grout, repair mortar, and other cementitious products to North
American and International mining and construction markets.  For the state-of-the-art expansion of its production and shipping
facility in Paris, Ontario, its decision-makers wanted a durable pavement. The existing yard was asphalt and highly fatigued from heavy equipment and truck traffic.

King Packaged Materials Company had previous experience with Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) from previously expanding its
plant facility in Boisbriand, Quebec. Company officials were impressed with the longer life expectancy, reduced maintenance and lower overall life cycle cost associated with RCC.  Traditional PAVAMAXTM, without the addition of silica fume, was selected because extreme abrasion was not a concern with the majority of traffic in the yard coming from wheel-loading. Construction of the RCC pavement was completed in 5 days and put in service within 3 days of completion, with minimal interruption to existing operations. King Packaged Materials Company would recommend it for other trucking facilities.

Main Benefits Of RCC For Distribution Centers

  • Fast construction
  • Cost-effective
  • Open to traffic shortly after placement
  • Resistance to shoving and pushing
  • Long life pavement
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • No rutting
  • No pot holes
  • Resistance to hydraulic fluid and fuel spills
  • Will not soften under high temperatures