Hibbett Distribution Center

Distribution Center
Distribution Center, RCC Pavement
About This Project

PROJECT: Hibbett Distribution Center
OWNER: Hibbett Sports, Steve Kowal (stevekowal@hibbett.com)
CONTRACT VALUE: $1,463,310
DESIGNER: Goodwin, Mills, & Cawood, Cole Williams (cole.williams@gmcnetwork.com)
GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Brasfield & Gorrie, Robert McElroy (RMcElroy@brasfieldgorrie.com)

PROJECT DETAILS: Over 62,000 square yards (12,000 cubic yards) of 7” RCC mix and placed for the new Hibbett Sports Distribution Center near Alabaster, AL. RCC was selected in lieu of asphalt by the owner based on pricing and long-term performance expectations. The RCC was placed at 30 foot pavement lanes with control joints cut both transverse and longitudinally at 15 feet.

Main Benefits Of RCC For Distribution Centers

  • Fast construction
  • Cost-effective
  • Open to traffic shortly after placement
  • Resistance to shoving and pushing
  • Long life pavement
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • No rutting
  • No pot holes
  • Resistance to hydraulic fluid and fuel spills
  • Will not soften under high temperatures