RCC on I-285

I-285 RCC Shoulders

Roller-compacted concrete helps the Georgia Department of Transportation complete shoulder upgrades with minimum disruption to traffic. I-285 RCC Shoulders were chosen due to the value RCC brings GDOT. Additionally, it offers their economy speed of construction, durability and longevity.
Source: Dixie Contractor

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ERES Residential Columbus

Residential Pavement Design Options

Review for the City of Columbus, Ohio. The pavements consisted of roller compacted concrete (RCC) composite overlaid with hot mixed asphalt (HMA), sections of Portland cement concrete (PCC) slabs overlaid with HMA, and sections of conventional and full-depth HMA.
Source: Michael Darter, Leslie Titus-Glover, ERES

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RCC Density Principles & Practices

A key to design and construction using RCC is the application of density testing procedures for both laboratory and field density that is representative of in-place conditions. Several test methods developed over the last 20 years are described in this publication.
Source: Portland Cement Association

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Transverse Joints RCC

Optimizing Transverse Joints Thesis

This thesis on optimizing transverse joints will aim to evaluate existing RCC pavements in service through the use of non-destruction deflective data to estimate the stresses due to a traffic load. Source: Jacob Eskel Hiller, University of Michigan

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